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Welcome to the Ballard Speakeasy visitors’ page!

A Ballard Toastmasters meeting is a “learn-by-doing” workshop where we get together to hone our public speaking and leadership skills. Our current membership is about 20 people, and our average meeting size ranges from 12 to 15 people. We take turns rotating various speaking roles such as Toastmaster (meeting leader), Grammarian, Inspirational, Jokemaster, Speech Evaluator and Time Keeper. Each of us gives a 5 to 7 minute speech every couple months. Speeches are structured around speech “projects” found in our learning manuals. Table Topic talks give us an opportunity to speak “off-the-cuff” for 1-2 minutes by responding to a question and practicing impromptu speaking skills. For a closer look at what a typical meeting is like, check out a sample meeting agenda.

Being a member of Toastmasters International involves more than showing up at meetings and giving a speech now and then. Toastmasters membership is about being a part of supportive group of individuals in your local area who share the common goal of improving their communication and leadership skills. From meeting roles and mentoring to speech contests and satellite programs, Toastmasters International offers a host of ways for members to progress and thrive. Whether you’re a beginner or a long standing member, there are many resources and guides that will help you make the most of the program.

You are welcome to drop in our some of our meetings to see how it feels and how it works. We start at 7am on Tuesdays. You’ll find it not only educational but entertaining and fun too.

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A Toastmaster’s Promise
10 tips for public speaking

Ballard Speakeasy’s place within Toastmasters International

Club Name: Ballard Speakeasy
Club ID #: 3997
Area: 24
District: 2
Division: B

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